Montana Berries! 

In the spring of 2006, we planted nearly an acre of strawberries using Cavendish, Tristar, and Sparkle varieties. This summer we are expanding our offerings with additional rows of Cavendish strawberries as well as three varieties of raspberries.

Strawberries will begin ripening in mid to late May and continue through June so give us a call or stop by for fresh berries!


Wild Plums 

Plum Picker

The Clark's Fork Valley is blessed with an abundance of Wild American Plums and Golden Currants. These wild-harvested fruits provide the fixings for fantastic late summer and autumn pies as well as preserves. We have also established plantings of these species to provide fruit-offerings in the years ahead.


Join Us

We welcome farm tours and visitors can grab a shovel and help us irrigate the hayfields and pastures listening for the singing of chorus frogs and the winnowing of snipe. Help us grow farm organic produce  used to make health supplements and hemp products. We also offer natural history tours of the farm and adjacent wild areas hoping to foster appreciation and knowledge of this oft-overlooked part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and how local cultures and economies can assist in its conservation.

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